VET Delivered to Secondary Students

VET (Vocational Education and Training) Delivered to Secondary Students (VETDSS) allows secondary students to gain practical skills in a specific industry while undertaking the VCE or VCAL.

Programs are typically completed over two years and provide students with a qualification or partial completion of a nationally recognised certificate.

Victoria University Polytechnic has delivered VETDSS for more than 12 years in partnership with 150 secondary schools in Melbourne’s west.

Our programs are taught by industry-experienced practitioners in world-class training facilities, and often include a workplace-learning component.

VETDSS benefits

VETDSS programs contribute directly to the VCE and VCAL and most contribute towards the ATAR score.

Other advantages for students who take part in our program include:

  • gaining industry experience and employability skills
  • creating a pathway to further study (certificate, diploma qualifications) at TAFE
  • opportunities to develop effective relationships with industry employers
  • enhancing knowledge of employer and workplace expectations
  • developing the capacity for teamwork and leadership.

Why choose VU Polytechnic

Our strong connections with industry, award-winning learning model, state-of-the-art facilities and specialised course content mean you’ll graduate with real-world experience. Our class sizes are small, so you can receive support from trainers, who work in industry, and get to know your classmates.

  • A pathway to further studies

    By completing a meaningful elective, it gives you a direct pathway to further study and be recognised for prior learning.

  • Recognised by industry

    You will instantly boost your employability and graduate work-ready by completing units of competency that reflect real-world experience.

  • Get a taste

    Get insight into what a potential future job would look like whilst still at school or make a start in a trade. Either way, you’ll see what it’s like to work in your desired field before you finish school.


To enrol into one of our VETDSS programs you must be registered with a secondary school and enrolment into the program is negotiated through your school.

If you are interested in enrolling into one of our VETDSS programs please speak to your school.

Program duration & outcome

VETDSS programs are run over two years, part time, generally requiring a one day a week commitment over the two school years. To complete a qualification you need to successfully complete all units of competency in the two years.

If you don’t successfully complete all units of competency in the program you will still receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) which will list the units you have achieved. These can then be used to apply for credit in future studies in the same area or simply add to your employability skills.


Students can start in VETDSS programs from Year 9 onwards, although in many of our programs we don’t recommend starting that early due to the level of content and expectation.

If you start a VETDSS program in Year 10, it will be counted as one of your electives at school.

Most students undertake VETDSS in their final two years of secondary studies. VETDSS can be undertaken in both VCE and VCAL streams.

In VCAL your VETDSS program will contribute to your industry specific or work related skills strands. Your study is broken into blocks. For every 90 hour block, you get one VCAL unit credit.

In VCE your VETDSS program can contribute in two ways:

  • In an unscored VETDSS program, your studies will contribute through block credit recognition. If you undertake an unscored VETDSS program as part of your VCE, the VETDSS program cannot contribute directly to your ATAR however it can contribute a 10% increment of your top 4 average subject study scores towards your ATAR.
  • In a scored VETDSS program, your 3 and 4 sequence will contribute directly to your ATAR as one of your top 4 subjects or as a 5th/6th.

If you need further guidance or information on how VETDSS fits in with your study plans please talk to your school careers counsellor, visit the VCAA website or contact us.


Each week of the program you will attend a full day of work on campus. You will also have homework and revision to complete at home.

Being in an adult setting your trainers will expect you to demonstrate responsibility and a mature approach to your studies. You are required to meet a minimum of 90% attendance. As the programs are fast paced, missing classes will jeopardise your ability to enjoy the program and make progress as required.

Your program will consist of units of competency which means you will need to demonstrate that you have understood and mastered the skills expected. You will be assessed on your performance however it is not like an exam, instead it is an ongoing process.

Many of our programs are a great start to VET studies as the trainers you have in VETDSS are the same trainers you will have if your continue to study with us after you leave school.


We do not charge any fees to you directly to undertake VETDSS with us.

Your VETDSS fees will be charged by your school and you will pay your home school as part of your school fees.


Our VETDSS programs run on campuses that are aligned with the disciplines of study you are undertaking:

City Tower

City Tower will consolidate the activities of VU's current city campuses at Flinders Street and King Street. The new campus will host hair and make-up students, including space for their practice clinics which are open to the public. 

City Tower will be open at the start of 2022. 

Footscray Nicholson

Footscray Nicholson campus is home to our hospitality and kitchen operations courses. On this campus we have a full commercial student-led kitchen and working restaurant, VenU, where you will complete your studies.

Find out more about the Footscray Nicholson campus.

Footscray Park

Footscray Park campus is home to our sport and recreation program. On this campus you have access to our full suite of state of the art sport and fitness venues including an aquatic centre, gym, indoor stadium and outdoor fields where you will be completing part of your course. You will also undertake studies at Footscray Nicholson and our sporting complex at Whitten Oval.

Find out more about the Footscray Park campus.


Sunshine campus is home to some of our building trades VETDSS programs, including carpentry, electrotechnology, engineering and plumbing. On this campus we have the dedicated trade skills hub fully fitted workshops to undertake your studies.

Find out more about the Sunshine campus.

St Albans

St Albans campus is home to our purpose built Cyber Security Training Centre with newly built facilities and state of the art digital resources to deliver information and digital media units.

Find out more about the St Albans campus.


Werribee campus is home to our civil construction course. On this campus you will have access to our purpose built workshops and site simulations where you will undertake your studies.

Find out more about the Werribee campus.

Discontinuing your VETDSS program

Although VETDSS programs are intended for a two year commitment we understand that sometimes circumstances change. It is important to communicate with your school and with us if you feel you wish to discontinue your studies or change programs.

VETDSS programs only have one intake per year, so you will only be able to change after the first year as you cannot change courses mid-year.

If you wish to discontinue your VETDSS program after year one, you will still get credit for any units you complete however you will not get the qualification.

If you wish to change programs after year one, you will begin the new program at year one level. You can use credits in units if they are the same across programs.

If you don’t successfully complete all units in a VETDSS program, you will be able to enrol through our mainstream VET programs and complete outstanding units after you’ve exited from secondary school.

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