Learning at VU Polytechnic - David's Journey

Dave, I'm studying a Cert III in Carpentry, Building and Construction

The course commenced at the beginning of the year, so about eight months now.

About a week every month or so, we come in, learn some new skills.

A lot of stuff that you don't learn out there on the work site, we get here at school.

I think it's really important, the hands on approach.

As much as possible, try and split it around 50/50 between classroom and workshop, which is great, because, you know, after sitting around in the classroom, learning it, we get to get straight out into the workshop, tool belts on, and put what we've just learned into practice.

Every teacher has something different to teach. A lot of them come from a background of the industry and that's probably one of the biggest benefits.

After completing the course at VU Poly Tech, once I become a qualified carpenter,

I intend to open up my own business, work for myself. It's pretty exciting stuff.