VU Polytechnic Graduation

07 March 2019

Yesterday evening was a time to celebrate as over 180 VU Polytechnic students celebrated their graduation alongside friends, family members and teachers.

The evening was abuzz with the excited energy of the graduates and their families as their hard-work, patience and determination was rewarded. Having juggled priorities and overcome challenges, the graduates have developed skills and qualities that will assist them in their future careers or further education pursuits.

One of two Valedictorians for the evening, Liberal Arts graduate Ibrahim Atta spoke on behalf of the graduates. Ibrahim arrived in Australia on a humanitarian Visa two years ago. Originally from Eritrea, he originally completed a bachelor’s degree in engineering in Egypt at Cairo University. Having first come to VU Polytechnic as a student in Transition Education, English program in 2017, Ibrahim then continued into the Liberal Arts program.

A passionate advocate for education and the opportunity it provides everyone to contribute to society, Ibrahim spoke of his experiences arriving in Australia and how his studies have enlightened his thinking as well as providing a pathway to further education. Staff, graduates and guests were equally moved by Ibrahim’s deep gratitude to his English and Liberal Arts teachers for their support.

“I am profoundly grateful and honoured and blessed at being a student at VU Polytechnic, and I hope the other students feel the same way. I hope this grand institution will be able to continue to change lives for others into the indefinite future, thank you for this incredible journey.”

You can watch Ibrahim’s full speech here.

Valedictorian Dillaisha Amrita Hameen graduated with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and is now continuing her studies at VU in the Bachelor of Early Childhood. An international student from Sri Lanka, Dillaisha moved to Australia three years ago to pursue her passion for education. Echoing the emotions of her peers, she shared a parting message that spoke of the hardships and joys that pursuing an education and career comes with.

“There has been three beautiful years of growth and accomplishment…today is a celebration of our accomplishments, a big opportunity into the real world-of-life and work.”

You can watch Dillaisha’s full speech here.

Congratulations to all the VU Polytechnic graduates who proudly accepted their qualifications last night.

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