From travel consultant to publishing her own book

15 April 2021

Anna hadn’t studied since the age of 19 but had always been interested in writing. VU’s dual-sector approach, and the flexibility of both online and face-to-face classes helped her return to study as a mature age student.

"I withdrew from a teaching degree when I was 19. I’d had enough of studying and wanted to work and travel. I always felt that I would return to study someday, but I didn’t have anything particular in mind. Prior to being on maternity leave for three years, I had worked as a travel consultant.

VU Polytechnic offered me the chance to return to study the Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing CUA40118, with the flexibility of both online and face-to-face classes.

The teachers were very supportive. They all had experience in the industry, whether as published authors or journalists. They passed on their industry knowledge, which really demystified the experience.

We had many practical activities such as interviewing people for non-fiction articles and developing designs for VU flyers, but my favourite activity was publishing our own book.

The practical experience taught me skills in project management and communicating and negotiating with people to deliver projects from start to finish.

After completing my studies at VU Polytechnic, I went on to study my Bachelor of Communications and Professional Writing at Victoria University (see Bachelor of Arts with majors in Writing and Communication). Another great thing about VU is that it provided this pathway for further study.

I now work in communications for a not-for-profit organisation. My role is quite diverse – I can be writing media releases one day and editing documents and publications the next.

I wanted to nurture my interest in words and learn new skills, so that I could work in the writing industry – returning to study was the first step."

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