Tech workshops for visiting IT students

02 July 2019

VU Polytechnic’s learning and development team hosted IT students from Singapore’s ITE College West for seven days of engaging and hands-on workshops in 3D printing, robot coding, virtual reality and user experience design.

Victoria University Polytechnic’s newest humanoid robot, Pepper from Softbank Robotics, welcomed the 20 students who are studying web applications, IT applications development and cybersecurity, before launching into the series of interactive workshops.

The group designed and printed a 3D robotic arm, navigated EZ-robots through an obstacle course, created an educational game for the humanoid robots and prototyped a user-friendly website.

Culminating in a competitive grand finale with a NAO robot dance-off and an EZ-robot relay race, the students enjoyed the experience whilst gaining valuable technical and soft skills.

“Everything was amazing and I’ll definitely put all the skills I’ve learned back in Singapore.”

The integration of technology, design thinking and experiential learning with practical, tangible outcomes was a highly successful approach.

Students particularly enjoyed the teamwork aspect of collaborating and problem-solving with students from different disciplines. The UI/UX workshops were popular, with many students keen to apply these concepts in their future studies.

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