Reskilling for a career in cybersecurity

01 October 2019

“I have done my Master of Computer Applications. I chose to study the Certificate IV in Cybersecurity (22334VIC) to update my skills in IT. The cybersecurity industry is also a boom nowadays. There are many challenges in this industry which is quite exciting.

The environment at VU Polytechnic is amazing. The cybersecurity centre here actually motivates us to learn more and more every day. Moreover, the teachers are very helpful and always ready to give their best. They encourage us to learn more every day.

The most valuable thing is no doubt the knowledge and confidence we get every day going through assessments and hands-on projects. 

The hands-on various modules like for example, Linux Packet Tracer is very well explained. The assessments research work helps us to have a thorough understanding of the current unit. Not only do we develop our technical abilities, we also work on our communication skills be able to demonstrate our work. The teachers are encouraging and cooperative. They treat everyone as equals and encourage us to do our best.

In this short tenure of two months since this course started, we’ve had a chance to meet some industry people from CISCO and others in this field.

I really enjoyed the Communication and Cyber Networking units. In the communication unit, we demonstrated the project work in front of a group of people. The cyber networking unit we covered was quite challenging as went through new concepts. 

My classmates are so hardworking and dedicated. The best part is the multi-cultural environment here at VU. We have a chance to connect with people from different backgrounds. I find myself very lucky to pursue my studies here at VU Polytechnic.

I am sure I am going to make a career in cybersecurity and I’m excited to pursue my dreams. I may also pursue further studies plus some certifications like CCNA/CCNP.”

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