Plumbing apprentices awarded Reece grants

04 April 2019

VU Polytechnic plumbing apprentices Neill Hannah and Richard Key have been awarded the Reece Grant ‘Next Gen’ award by the Reece Group, which consists of $2,000 for their tuition or tools fees.

Neill Hannah, who is originally from Fife in Scotland, moved to Australia nine years ago seeking better opportunities. He was working as a mechanic prior to his training in plumbing.

“I have just finished the Certificate III in Plumbing five months ago. Previously I was jumping job-to-job and so it wasn’t really a career. I wanted a career and to start a better life.”

Neill hopes that his training in plumbing, along with the Reece grant will help provide for his family.

Richard Key, who is originally from Pilbara, WA was working in the mining industry prior to his apprenticeship in plumbing. Richard reflected that “working in mines was tough on his family.”

“I started my apprenticeship four years ago. What I like most about plumbing is that it pays pretty well. Also, because I come from an earthworks background, it was an easy venture into plumbing.”

The grant program is funded by the sale of drinks from special Reece Grant fridges located within branches across the Group’s Australian network, with 100 percent of profits going directly to successful grant submissions each quarter.

Congratulations to Neill and Richard!

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