New short courses in business & management

20 August 2020

VU Polytechnic’s portfolio of short courses are cost-effective and a quick way to sharpen skills and upgrade specialist knowledge with industry-relevant, targeted training.

New short courses available

The following short courses are now open for registrations.

Building the Team

In the Building the Team short course, learn the importance of workplace learning, gain a continuous learning mindset and develop the ability to design and implement a range of development strategies for your team.

Communicate with Influence

In Communicate with Influence, discover strategies on how to communicate effectively and take your team members on a shared journey to success.

Effective Communication Skills

Use Effective Communication Skills to gain a strong understanding of the communication process, and learn how to identify different communication styles and tailor communication to ensure effective interactions as well as achievement of required outcomes.

Effective Time Management

In the Effective Time Management short course, learn how your current time management practices effect your ability to complete work effectively and analyse and identify opportunities for improvement. Acquire knowledge on how to plan, set goals, prioritise more effectively, reduce time wastage and avoid procrastination.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

In the Introduction to Emotional Intelligence, increase greater awareness of your emotions and those of others, and explore the strategies to effectively manage these emotions. This will result in a greater understanding of self and others, more effective relationships, better decision making and greater levels of resilience.

Leading a Team

The Leading a Team workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead teams to ensure cohesiveness, cooperation, higher productivity and greater levels job satisfaction.

Workshop format

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, all of the short courses on this page will be delivered via Zoom. Participants will receive the Zoom link two days prior to the workshop commencing.

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