Make-Up Carnivale 2018

17 July 2018

Last month the VU Polytechnic Diploma of Screen and Media students displayed their creative talent and skills in the Make-Up Carnivale 2018 showcase.

VU Polytechnic’s Make-Up Carnivale is a vibrant evening event celebrating our students’ outstanding achievements in their course. This year the event was sponsored by Scotties Hair and Beauty and Hair Care and held at student-run restaurant VenU. Attendees included industry representatives who mingled with the characters created by the graduating class.

Theatrical Wig Person and Make-up artist Fran Reusso attended as a VIP guest on the night.

“I think it’s great the Polytechnic have put on an event such as this…it’s an excellent creative product which allows the students to think outside the box…it’s quite unique to the Polytechnic.”

Haircare Australia representative Mandy Carol has been attending the Carnivale events for the past 5 years, and believes the projects hands-on approach helps students to get ready for the world of work.

“I’m very impressed with the way that they put these things together and the way the teachers are working with their students in getting them ready for the real world out there. Very impressive, very intricate work.”

Among the VIP guests on the night was acclaimed film and television hair and make-up artist, John Logue. With over 25 years of experience working on projects such as television’s ‘Mystery Road’, John stated that he thought the event was a fantastic opportunity for the students to showcase their work in front of industry experts.

“I think this is a really fantastic night to showcase what the students can do and what us industry people can see and what they are capable of doing for future employment.”

In the award ceremony section, announcements were made for Best in Character (industry choice) and Best Wigs as judged on the night, as well as pre-decided Encouragement awards and the Student of the Year, which went to Melinda Beard. For the full list of award recipients see below.

VU Polytechnic is recognised as the leading make-up school in Australia. Students learn through the Polytechnic’s award-winning blended learning model, getting hands-on experience in the student-run hairdressing and beauty salon as well as having access to strong industry connections and opportunities.

Awards on the night:

  • Student of the year – Melinda Beard
  • Encouragement award – Adeline Petz
  • Encouragement award – Sarah Botros
  • Best in wig – Jenna Davey
  • Best in wig – Mina Sharbati
  • Best in character – Eva Enderby
  • Best in character – Jenna Davey
  • Best in character – Melinda Beard
  • Best in character – Olivia Ramsay

Make-up and hairdressing courses offered at Victoria University Polytechnic include:


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