Lauren takes travel career to new heights despite cerebral palsy

09 December 2022

Meet Lauren. She completed the Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management SIT50116 part-time at VU Polytechnic. She also happens to have cerebral palsy.

"I went for a holiday overseas and fell in love with travel. I knew I wanted to work in the industry."

"I chose VU Polytechnic for the location and positive feedback received from my sister who studied there. It was the closest campus to my house that offered the course."

When asked about her study experience, Lauren felt well supported by VU’s student support services, teachers and students:

“I have cerebral palsy and suffered a stroke. I loved VU Polytechnic because I was treated much better than at my previous university. I felt included and valued. Getting the opportunity to make new friends was also really special for me. The staff went above and beyond to accommodate my special needs and help me succeed. It helped me believe that I could finish the course and become successful in the industry."

"I had an Accessibility Liaison Officer help create an Access Plan. This allowed me to get special consideration and adjustments made, including having a support worker on campus with me and being granted extensions on class work and assessments, so that I could successfully complete my course."

Learning about the travel industry and how to run a successful business was Lauren’s favourite thing about the course.

"I liked the international destinations unit most. Although the workload was heavier than other units, it was very interesting learning about the various overseas destinations."

"I want to be an online travel agent for other people with disabilities who have communication difficulties and cannot talk to travel agents face-to-face. The skills and the confidence I’ve gained will help me enter the travel and tourism industry successfully."

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