From gyms to jabs

13 October 2021

After gyms were forced to close, Danny muscled up the courage to study the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance HLT33115 to work in an industry that withstood future lockdowns.

“Working at a gym did not give me confidence after going through a few lockdowns. I wanted something secure that would keep me working despite what’s happening in the state. I decided to pursue the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance as my parents have been working as Patient Service Assistants at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for the last 20 years and inspired me to do the course during the pandemic.”

During the course, Danny completed placement at Werribee Mercy Hospital and now works in one of the most important roles in keeping our local community safe.

“I now work at the Sunshine Vaccination Hub alongside doctors and nurses to vaccinate over 2,000 patients. After working there for two months, I was also given the opportunity of being a Team Leader to look after a team of ten Patient Service Assistants. I hope this experience will allow me to get into higher roles by studying further at VU Polytechnic.”

Despite Danny's achievements, he admits it wasn't always smooth sailing. He credits the teaching staff for helping him complete the course.

“Midway through the course, I was actually looking at withdrawing. However, my teacher was so supportive and caring. Her constant encouragement and assurance helped me finally complete. I can’t thank the teaching staff enough for encouraging me to complete my studies. I have met so many wonderful people working at the vaccination hub and look forward to going further in the medical field.”

VU Polytechnic expresses thanks and gratitude towards frontline heroes like Danny for the tremendous work they do to protect the community.

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