GameDev Day at the Wyndham Tech School

16 January 2020

Wyndham Tech School presented its GameDev Convention on 4 December. The day exposed Victorian secondary school students to an array of insightful learning experiences within the gaming industry utilising mixed media and innovative, leading-edge technology.

Lisa Straife, developer and winner of the national Serious Game Award 2019, presented her driving simulation as a safe and interactive alternative for students to learn road rules. The simulation was a successful way to incorporate gaming within the educational sector.

Operation Armstrong gave students the opportunity to discover new ways of collaborating and problem solving utilising mobile, PC, VR and Unity. The developers demonstrated all the steps involved in the production of the game and allowed students to explore their own game ideas using mixed media.

DET Training and Learning presented Minecraft as a game engine to allow students explore a map of Melbourne CBD and create their own adventure ideas.

The day concluded with cosplay, ESPORTS and game development question competitions, with special guest and popular YouTuber, Planet Dolan.

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