From diploma to bachelor: Faiza’s pathway to success

12 February 2021

At age 16, Faiza Shafai began her journey at Victoria University with a Diploma of Business (Enterprise). She is now studying a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and aims to become a Chartered Accountant upon graduation.

“I was looking for a well-balanced university for personal growth and achievement beyond textbooks and classroom knowledge. I discovered my calling as I researched about the different diplomas available at VU.

The Diploma of Business (Enterprise) was excellent. Coming straight out of high school, I chose to study a diploma before a bachelor’s degree because I needed to start in a classroom setting to establish close relationships with the students and teachers.

I was surrounded by students and teachers who were constantly pushing to bring out the best in me — they made me believe in myself during assignments, tests and exams.

I think the best part about VU and my course was the size of the classrooms. I forged close relationships because my class size was small, which allowed me to get maximum help from the tutors. I would definitely recommend VU for the teaching quality alongside classroom environment.

I am very glad I chose to study the Diploma of Business (Enterprise) at VU because of the amazing experience I gained. The units were completely relevant to the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) I aimed to enrol in, which drove me to further my education at VU.”

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