Cyber students launch into training

04 March 2019

VU Polytechnic’s first group of Certificate IV in Cyber Security students commenced training today at our Footscray-Nicholson campus, with 23 students attending their orientation.

Mature-aged student Rajiv Kohli comes from an information technology background, having completed a Bachelor of Engineering and Electronics in India and has worked across a number of roles in companies such as Sony and Phillips. For him the Certificate IV in Cyber Security is not only an opportunity to pathway into a new section of the IT industry, but also to protect people’s data, identities and lives. VU Polytechnic’s blended learning model stood out to him as a modern and flexible training solution.

“I actually applied for 5 universities, I feel VU stands out separately and is working directly for the students…they really want to shape the careers of the people…we have got excellent staff taking care of us. I really like this blended program approach. The program gives the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and gives great flexibility in the classroom. I feel this is a perfect model to learn for any subject. Whatever we learn online, we can come and clarify one-to-one, face-to-face.”

For new student Neha Sharma, being able to complete the course as part of the Free TAFE initiative has been the difference between pursuing her career goal or not.

“It would be too expensive without Free TAFE for me. Free TAFE has given me the chance to get into this course and update my skills, and hopefully get a job.”

Neha is excited to be upskilling and sees a lot of opportunity in the industry. For her it is something new to take on and challenge herself.

Student Jesse Lipana also credits Free TAFE for giving him access to training, with the tuition-fee free course lightening the burden on his parents and their household expenses. Attending a local training provider in the west is important to Jesse, not just for ease of transport but because he feels more comfortable in an area he knows. Jesse is hoping to develop a new set of skills that will give him an edge when applying for the Police Force.

“I don’t expect it to be easy, I expect to need to work hard to complete this class… It will help me to gain skills not just for my profession or work but also for everyday life. I know that Cyber Security is very important, it should be important to the public as well.”

Offered as part of the Victorian Government’s Free TAFE 2019, the Certificate IV in Cyber Security provides the knowledge and technical skills for a role as a junior security analyst in a range of commercial enterprises, organisations and government bodies.

Cyber Security is a booming industry, with a recent report from AustCyber and research firm Cybersecurity Ventures revealing that Australian employers will need at least 11,000 more cybersecurity works over the next decade, while demand in 2019 is expected to reach six million.

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