Breaking barriers with technology

30 August 2021

As part of National Skills Week, VU Polytechnic offered a virtual interactive workshop, Introduction to Design Thinking, to challenge the way we think about education by presenting the theory and concepts of design thinking. This year’s National Skills week ran from 23-29 August with the theme: Re-think Your Ideas.

Hosted and facilitated by VU Polytechnic’s Industry and Growth Manager, Felicity Trembath, and College of Arts and Education Senior Lecturer in Multimedia, Natasha Dwyer, the workshop highlighted VU’s collaborative approach as a dual sector, with co-facilitation by Vocational and Higher Education, on the theory and concepts of Design Thinking. Tools such as visualisation techniques, journey mapping, mind mapping, prototyping and rapid concept development were explored, with interactive exercises for participants to engage in.

The event was Part 1 of VU Polytechnic’s Breaking Barriers with Technology series and forms the foundation for Part 2, a practical workshop focused on using social robots to teach design thinking mentality and transferrable skills. The combination of theory and hands-on delivery will showcase Victoria University’s unique dual sector approach and the advantages in learning. More details of the part 2 workshop to come.

National Skills Week is dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational learning. It enables all Australians to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities, their potential, and how they can contribute to a successful, modern economy. To find out more visit National Skills Week.

Watch a recording of the workshop.

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