Antony makes soundwaves in the community services industry

29 March 2022

After a long career in the music industry as an audio engineer and music producer, Antony made a bold career switch by studying the Diploma of Community Services CHC52015.

“I have always been passionate about helping and supporting people, so pursuing a career in community services made perfect sense to me. I chose to study at Victoria University Polytechnic because it has a great reputation and local campus.

Initially, I was interested in case management or disability work but I have discovered other sectors that also interest me, such as working with youth. I feel I have a lot of choice and am confident that I can find employment in one of these areas once I complete the course.

All of the subjects have been totally new to me, which is great because I enjoy learning new things. At times it can be challenging to get my head around certain topics and concepts, but the teachers are great! They take the time to explain things in different ways and have made this experience extremely positive and stress free. I also enjoy the group assessments because I like hearing about other peoples’ thoughts, ideas and suggestions. I feel it opens my mind up to new ways of thinking about different topics.”

As a person with accessibility requirements, Antony only had positive things to say about his learning experience:

“I have enjoyed the convenience of our online classes via Zoom. I was extremely happy to discover that there were options to choose alternative formats for course material in our online collaborate space portal. This has been great as using screen-reading software has made things accessible for me as a person with low vision.

VU’s student support services have also been very useful, it gives me great peace of mind to know that support is available when I need it.”

Antony speaks highly of work integrated learning as part of his course:

“I was fortunate to secure placement at Drummond Street Services, where I am part of the RYMS youth music programs. I engage with young people aged 8–13 years old and support them to create their own music – from writing to recording to performing. I am also gaining experience in putting together program proposals, learning approaches and strategies around fundraising.

The most valuable things I have gained from my studies and placement is the knowledge, skills and practical experience. I feel I have been well prepared for securing employment in this sector.”

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