Skill up for a new career with low-cost training

JobTrainer provides low-cost tuition fees for selected courses.

If you are eligible for JobTrainer, you can access Free TAFE courses (where you pay only materials and student services fees), even if you hold a higher qualification.

For JobTrainer courses that are not part of Free TAFE, you’ll pay just 20% of the listed tuition fee (plus material and student-services fees).

This joint Commonwealth and Victorian Government initiative increases access to low-cost training for young people (17–24 years old) and older job seekers, to help develop skills for employment. It complements other state-subsidised training, such as Skills First and Free TAFE.

Enrol now

If eligible (see below), you can enrol in JobTrainer courses up until 31 December 2022. 

You can enrol in up to one full qualification and/or one skill set under the JobTrainer fund.

VU Polytechnic’s JobTrainer courses

JobTrainer courses have been chosen to meet the priority needs of the Victorian economy.

Browse VU Polytechnic’s JobTrainer courses by study area. Visit the course page to apply online.

Community services & youth work

Systems & IT

Free TAFE & JobTrainer courses

*This list is subject to change and will be updated to reflect policy and institution changes.


You may be able to study a free or low-fee course through JobTrainer if you:

  • are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, New Zealand citizen or asylum seeker
  • have not commenced a full qualification under JobTrainer before, and
  • are 17–24 years old when the course starts (regardless of employment status), or
  • are a job seeker of any age (unemployed or holding a valid and current Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran’s Gold Card).

You’ll need to provide proof of age or evidence of job-seeker status.

Other eligibility guidelines:

  • If you are a trainee completing a non-school-based JobTrainer traineeship, you are eligible – provided you fulfil the age and/or jobseeker criteria.
  • Apprentices, school-based apprentices and school-based trainees are not eligible for JobTrainer.
  • Asylum seekers participating in the Asylum Seeker VET Program are exempt from the citizenship and residency requirements and can participate in JobTrainer.

Eligibility exemptions

  • No upskilling requirement – you don’t need to be enrolling in a course that is higher than the Australian qualification that you currently hold
  • No 'two at level in a lifetime limit' – you are not restricted to the usual limit on commencing more than two courses at the same level in your lifetime

JobTrainer & Free TAFE entitlements

It is important to consider the timing of your course, and whether you should use JobTrainer (finishing 31 December 2022) or Free TAFE  as your entitlements apply as follows:

  • You can only enrol in one full course under JobTrainer.
  • If you have previously used your Free TAFE entitlement, you can enrol in a second Free TAFE course under JobTrainer and pay zero tuition fees.
  • For non-Free TAFE courses, you only pay 20% of the published tuition fee.

Limited places available

VU Polytechnic has a limited number of JobTrainer funded places available up until 31 December 2022. Once these fill, we will not be able to offer the JobTrainer concession and the JobTrainer Free TAFE which means you will not be able to access a second fee waiver. Apply soon or contact us for more information.

Apply for a JobTrainer course

  1. Find a course above.
  2. Apply online by the usual application process.
  3. The Admissions team will determine your eligibility for Free TAFE or JobTrainer and will contact you to advise.

If you are unsure about which course to study, contact our Skills and Jobs Centre for free advice on career outcomes.

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