Health, nursing & care industries

Whether your passion is for health administration, aged care and disability or nursing or paramedical science, we have the courses and industry connections to guide you through a fulfilling career in the health industry.

Our training responds directly to industry requirements, with courses created with key partners including hospitals, disability services, and a wide range of community organisations.

Simulation laboratories & clinics

We have three nursing laboratories and an in-hospital simulation laboratory. The interactive mannequin technology used by our students is designed to simulate the treatment of patients in a real-world environment. Our simulation labs also offer live video streaming, for greater student participation in learning. Student-run clinics offer our students the opportunity to provide health services to members of the public and observe service delivery by qualified staff.

Practical placements

Our health students train at various health facilities where they have the opportunity to experience the true nature and challenges of contemporary health work practice. They work alongside expert clinicians, and enjoy supportive clinical learning environments across the spectrum of health specialities. Paramedicine students complete practical clinical placement in the non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) sector where they get hands-on experience in treating and transporting patients.

Aaron Lethlean's success story

Aaron Lethlean overcame personal difficulties through VU’s support to graduate with a degree in nursing.

"I decided to attend Victoria University Polytechnic as there were pathway options and support available in academic writing, literacy and numeracy. Disability services also assisted me in developing a plan to support my needs, and the nursing staff offered an understanding environment. During my Diploma of Nursing, I attended a study tour to Vietnam where we completed a clinical placement in Hanoi Paediatric Hospital. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and I learned to communicate effectively in a multidisciplinary team."

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