Digital technologies

To keep the VU Polytechnic community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, most VU Polytechnic students have access to supported remote learning. This means you can continue to study the same high-quality program from home.

Our digital technologies programs provide the skills and knowledge you need to work in this rapidly growing sector. Our programs are underpinned with practical learning across multiple information and communication technology (ICT) disciplines. You'll train in our state-of-the-art computer labs to gain the technical skills you need to succeed.

Our Cyber Security Training Centre located at our St Albans Campus will help prepare cyber security students for the unpredictable future of work. The facility features a Security Operations Centre (SOC), providing a simulated working environment for collaboration and practical experience. Attack and defend rooms put you in the hot seat, allowing you to take on the role of hacker or defender and put your skills to the test.

At Victoria University Polytechnic you will learn skills to work ethically, safely and sustainably in a workplace environment. We work closely with industry to ensure our information technology students are work-ready upon graduation and equipped with the technical skills that employers are looking for.

Leading the way with cyber security

Leading the way with Cyber Security

VU Polytechnic's cyber security students are learning to fight against Australia's cyber crime in the first-ever TAFE vs. TAFE National Cyber Security Challenge. 

Cyber security success

Monika Mathur in the Cyber Security Training Centre
ā€œI have done my Master of Computer Applications. I chose to study the Certificate IV in Cybersecurity to update my skills in IT. The cybersecurity industry is also a boom nowadays. There are many challenges in this industry which is quite exciting.

"The environment at VU Polytechnic is amazing. The cybersecurity centre here actually motivates us to learn more and more every day. Moreover, the teachers are very helpful and always ready to give their best. They encourage us to learn more every day. The most valuable thing is no doubt the knowledge and confidence we get every day going through assessments and hands-on projects.ā€

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